Our pride and joy, and a famous Eastern European Tradition. We have a world-class, certified specialist that will make you feel truly re-born after he is finished with the bath treatments. We offer a wide-variety of treatments that focus on relaxation, therapy, and healing.

(advanced reservation is required)

Bathhouse rental(up to 10 guests) – 290 EUR/2 hours
Bathhouse rental(up to 10 guests) – 400 EUR/4 hours
* For additional hour 85 EUR
* Additional guest 30 EUR

For reservations please contact us: + 370 613  09 788 or

Massage with Bunches of Dried Branches and Leaves of Deciduous Trees – 20 EUR/15 min
Hitting (massage) of the body with two different types of bunches affects the main body meridians and heats problem body zones affected by tension. Hitting (massage) is performed under optimal temperature and therefore is suitable for everyone.

Soap Foam Massage – 30 EUR/15 min
Full body massage is performed using natural soap. Light foam massage soothes, refreshes, and relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Foam Salt and Peeling with Papaya – 30 EUR/15 min
This unique treatment replenishes the skin with sea water naturally rich in minerals.

Stimulating or Therapeutic Bath for Feet – 30 EUR/15 min 

Contains such natural components as cedar essential oils, which protect the skin, sap from the
cones, which eliminates feet Dermatosis, and fir oil, which removes heaviness from the feet.

Body Moisturising Lotion Treatment – 30 EUR/15 min
Ideally balanced mix of hyaluronic acid and extracts of camomile flowers, marigold and French roses  instantly  deeply moisturises, cools, refreshes and restores facial and body skin balance.