What Our Guests Say

Be sure to come back!

A great hotel! Excellent food and service.
Very relaxing atmosphere and feeling at home. Beautifully groomed area. The area has limited entry, only for hotel guests. The hotel has a beautiful beach lake. For relaxation there are many opportunities - sports courts, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, football, bowling, billiards and table games. Equipment looks like new.
The spa offers a variety of massages, including Thai massage and other relaxing treatments.
 Be sure to come back!

Victorija, from Riga

Rustic Luxury in an Ancient Forest

The IDW Esperanza, a 30 minute drive from Vilnius airport, is place I cannot wait to return to, and probably won't wait. Absolutely 5 star in all aspects with cedar beamed rooms with views of a small private gorgeous lake, superb sports from beach volleyball to lake rowing to fitness rooms and a PROPER Russian Banya to languid walks through the forest and viewing the owner's collection of rare birds in sympathetic enclosures along the way, this place suits for a dirty weekend away with the chosen one OR hell ... take the kids! You really can't go wrong. The staff were marvelous, food to die for, wine list awesome, stunning terraces, and the entire place had the smell of oxygen rich air and conifers. Makes one feel long, strong and down to get the friction on!

Cary D, London, England